Mud Flaps & Splash Guards

Mud, rocks, salt and road debris can damage the finish of your truck or SUV and leave you with an expensive body shop bill.  Guard your vehicle from damage by adding the protection of mud guards, mud flaps, or splash guards.  SharpTruck's great selection of mud guards and mud flaps help to prevent the damage inflicted to your pickup as you roll down the road and keep that unsightly dirt spray off of your truck keeping your vehicle clean and free of dirt.  More than just protection for your ride, a high quality set of mud flaps gives your truck or SUV an outstanding finished look.

Custom molded mud flaps from WeatherTech and Husky are designed to fit perfect to the contours of your truck or SUV.  For the ultimate in heavy duty mud guards, the Gatorback series from Truck Hardware has got your back... these top selling mud flaps will get the looks as they protect your truck. The Gatorback line features custom logo mud flaps made to perfectly compliment your Chevy Silverado, Ford F150, Ford F350, Dodge Ram or GMC Sierra pickup trucks.  For more information on selecting the correct mud flaps or mud guards for your truck, please visit our SharpTruck Blog or contact our customer service team at

What style of mud flaps do I need?

In most cases moon cut styled mud flaps are used in the front and the rectangular cut are used for the rear wheels.  Moon cut reduces the need to trim excess rubber from the mud flap after it is installed. The best selling brand of mud guards for trucks today is the Gatorback Mud Flaps from Truck Hardware.

What are Off-Set or Kick-Back mud flap brackets?

Offset mud flap brackets, or kick-back brackets, are used with oversized tires and move the mud flap back away from the tire to prevent contact between the mud flap and the tire.   The amount of offset, or kickback, varies between 5/8” to 2”.  Installation of offset mud flaps can require a higher level of expertise. These brackets are used in conjunction with with mud flaps, the mud flaps are cut horizontally to desired length and attached to the mud flap brackets.

Do I need mud flap brackets to install my flaps?

Mud flap brackets add additional attachment options and make installing mud flaps quicker and easier.  The brackets are optional for most applications although the majority of late model Ford Pickups require the rear bracket due to the lack of attachment points in the inner fender well.  When brackets are needed usually they are only required for the rear flaps.

What is the purpose of Mud Flaps?

A mudflap or splash guard is attached in combination with the vehicle fender to protect the truck from mud and other road debris thrown into the air by the rotating tires. Truck mud flaps are typically made from a heavy duty material such as rubber that is not easily damaged by contact with debris. Mud flaps like the Gatorbacks can be heavy duty rectangular rubber suspended behind the tires, or may be like the WeatherTechs featuring custom molded lips below the rear of the vehicle's wheel wells. Mudflaps may also be aerodynamically engineered, utilizing shaping, to improve airflow and add styling to your truck or SUV. While a majority of flaps are plain black in color, Gatorbacks are available with custom logos for Chevrolet Silverado, Dodge Ram, Ford F150, Ford F250, Ford F350, Ford SuperDuty and GMC Sierra pickup trucks.

Mud Flaps are also commonly known as Truck Mud Flaps, Truck Mudflaps, Truck Mud Guards, Mud Guards, Mudguards, Stone Guards, Splash Guards, Rock Guards, Pickup Mud Flaps, Pickup Mudflaps

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Do I have to have mud flaps or splash guards by law?

In the United States, regulations on the use of mud flaps vary from state to state. Please check with your local DMV for the laws in your area.

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